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Truck Monitoring System

The Truck Monitoring Device includes the tracking device, unlimited GPSLive software usage and global connectivity (SIM card). After installing the tracking device on your truck, the device will automatically start reporting the location of your truck and it will continue reporting its position and speed, along with many other useful parameters to our cloud-based Tracking Unit. You can access GPSLive from PC, Smartphones, Tablets anytime, anywhere to view the condition of your vehicle. There is no need to install any proprietary software or maps. Everything can be accessed over the web.

Load Monitoring System

For many types of trucks, knowing the loaded weight is important for operating safely and maximizing payload whilst avoiding fines for overloading. According to the complexity of in motion load weight calculation, our approach is more stable, inexpensive & good precision than other methods.

In this solution, load weight calculated based on monitoring truck suspension changes with a matched sensor by vehicle suspension type mechanism. Then these data received by tracker device and send for server after combined with location and other truck status data.


  1. Measurements of empty, full-loaded, overloaded or weight.
  2. Special design, mounted on vehicles, long life expectancy.
  3. Easy installation and calibration, equipped with mounting blocks.
  4. Protection IP67, vibration-resistant design (5G/40Hz)
Application Fields of Vehicle Load Sensor
  1. Heavy Vehicle Live Load Monitoring
  2. Heavy Vehicle Load Restrictions for Highway
  3. Dump Truck Management
  4. Garbage Truck Management
  5. Vehicle Balance Monitoring
  6. Save your Money

Live Tracking

GPS Live Tracking Unit - is a powerful online tool that allows real-time locating and tracking of your vehicles or assets on a PC, Tablet or a Smartphone using the mobile GPS. Easy to use, fully featured tracking platform with no installation required. Login anywhere in the world using an internet web browser with your cloud-based tracking account. GPS Live Tracking Unit can monitor 1000s of tracked objects in real time and also stores detailed rolling travel history for the previous days including start, stops, routes and speed. GPS Live Tracking Unit stores full travel data of each tracker for the previous rolling days. Search and replay travel data via time and date, view logged events such as movement, speeding, ignition as well as all starts, stops, and journeys. Download and export travel data in various document formats.

Create different logins with limited permissions or access rights. Advanced features including auto account expiry, URL login and live view only. Detect and monitor different settings on trackers remotely including battery state, input/outputs, towing and much more.

Using application programming interface (API), your development team is able to create bespoke solutions that export live data from our systems into other back-office software tools. A variety of metrics can be extracted including current live position, trip summary, speed, driver behaviour and many other data parameters.

Global Connectivity

24/7 GPS Tracking package will be shipped with a SIM card pre-configured and installed in the tracker. Rewire SIM cards use smart algorithms to pick-up the best signal wherever you are traveling and works globally, without any extra fees or roaming charges. If the tracker loses GSM connectivity it will switch to the best signal network in that area, enabling 24/7 live GPS Tracking. Whether you need an international SIM card for tracking overseas shipments or simply want to make sure your vehicle stays connected, Rewire SIM cards will keep your tracker online at all times.

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